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Here are some of my most popular talks...


Getting and Keeping the Attention of

Your C-Level Client

What really makes channel and direct sales people stand out from the noise

Digital Transformation – Strategies That Work:

How to get past the barriers to success and measurable deliver on the business outcomes you are after


Securing Your Cyber – What Can You Really Do?: 

Lessons from the trenches that can inform Board oversight, Executive decisions and business preparedness

Digital Investment - Spending for the Future:

Practical ways to leverage the opportunities that will differentiate

Making Change: 

How to leverage your unique business culture to deliver on your key strategic investments

Turning the Black Swans White: 

Levering adjacencies to discover digital risks and opportunities

"Alizabeth used her unique insight and the power of humor to engage a diverse group of senior sales executives with unparalleled success.  We laughed, we cried, we learned things!  Her sales management keynote - Getting, Earning and Keeping the Attention of the CIO - gave unique insight to help coach the front line sales teams in a way that would help them internalize the critical work to do before they make a call so they can differentiate themselves and their message to drive sales."

— Lars Goransson, IDC 


"Alizabeth was a powerful presence moderating a panel on the role of the digital transformation leader.  Her insight brought coherence to the four diverse views on the panel, and her sense of humor challenged all of us to really articulate the super powers we need to succeed in these challenging roles."

— Bobby Singh, TMX


"Alizabeth quickly grasped the intent of our event, and provided insight and structure that added immense value. She made sure that the day delivered real value for all of the business partners participating.”  

— Dave Rogerson, IBM

“When I heard Alizabeth speak, I can away impressed by her amazing presence.  She was compelling, and brought a whole new insight to life with her compelling stories.  Alizabeth has a fabulous, confident and dramatic style.”  

— Bart Egnal, CEO, The Humphrey Group




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