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In the lead up to the banking crisis of 2008, smart PhDs developed complex formulas that aggregated large volumes of high-risk mortgages and made it seem as if those funds were the next great investment opportunity… it is human nature to behave as if we understand things when we do not.  Responsible boards need to ask more questions to make sure that they understand.


Technology is the next vulnerable frontier.  The new mantra for corporate Directors needs to be if you cannot explain it so I can understand it, I will not support what you are proposing.  You need to explain it so I can understand it.  


Duty of Care

is designed to help in three ways:


Case Studies that frame the issues


Smart Questions tailored to help you navigate the uniquely digital risks and decisions


General Discussions, to help you make sense of the answers, including a fulsome chapter of Basics and Essentials to give you the working vocabulary you need to get started. 

Empowering executives

in the Digital Era

Tom Wellner, CML Healthcare

“Alizabeth  was able to effectively communicate with our Board in terms  that could be understood, allowing our internal team to become enablers of corporate strategy.  This led to significant impact in business and shareholder value.”  

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